• 25th Anniversary of White House Black Market and Living Beyond Breast Cancer 2015

    This colorful bouquet of calla lilies and hydrangeas is a recreation of an illustration commissioned for the Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Butterfly Ball in 2015. Donna Noce, President of the White House Black Market was honoree that year. Donna was being honored for her years of dedication to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer. The illustration was made for Donna, as I learned from LBBC's Jean Sachs that Cala Lily's are Donna's favorite flower. The original artwork also included a butterfly, as the butterfly is the LBBC logo. Below are images of preliminary sketches I made for the original artwork. 


     In 2010, I had the unique honor of being included in a beautiful breast cancer awareness campaign with both LBBC and WHBM, celebrating 25 years of their business. The national campaign introduced me to 24 other courageous survivors who openly shared their personal stories facing breast cancer. 


     The weekend we all spent together shooting the campaign in New York City was like a fairy tale. I learned about their extraordinary journeys as survivors, and the immense support Living Beyond Breast Cancer provided for each of us. Being a small part of this courageous and lovely group of 25 women made the process of creating this 2015 illustration extremely sentimental.

    Creating the original image brought back memories of the incredible bonding experience we all shared, that continues to this day. The process of creating this art work also brought me to tears, as some of the original 25 are no longer with us. This piece is as much for them as it is for Donna.


    Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides unparalleled medical information and emotional support to those facing breast cancer. If you know anyone facing this disease, please consider referring them to LBBC for accurate and thorough medical information, as well as support from actual survivors, at all stages of the disease. The LBBC Breast Cancer Helpline connects people with breast cancer to trained volunteers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer for emotional support, guidance and hope. Whether someone is recently diagnosed, in treatment, years beyond treatment, living with metastatic breast cancer, the Helpline is available. 


    Thank you to Donna Noce for your unwavering support of an organization that has helped so many people diagnosed with breast cancer live beyond the disease.  Thank you Jean, and LBBC, for the chance to participate in creating something meaningful to commemorate the relationship between WHBM and LBBC. During my brain injury recovery in 2015, creating this 2015 commission restored my feeling of purpose in the world I could not participate in beyond my front door.

    Once again, LBBC helped me feel strong and supported during another physical challenge. Art heals in many ways.

    A percentage of every sale of this botanical illustration will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Visit the shop section to see this illustration as a print or phone case





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