• Smile Once in a While: Gummy Rocks Meditation Series

    The Gummy Rocks Meditation is a series of illustrations depicting abstract organic forms relating to the human experience. A humble tribute to artist Giorgio Morandi who lived a quiet, contemplative, artistic life. "One can travel the world and see nothing. To achieve understanding it is necessary not to see many things, but to look hard at what you do see."

    Early on in my brain injury recovery, my neurologist instructed me to take miniature meditation breaks every thirty minutes to allow my brain battery to recharge during the day. During those initial months of practicing the frequent mini-meditation breaks, I found the silence and intentional  breath work distracted me from the neuro-fatigue, the pain in my head and neck. The meditation practice allowed me to extended my cognitive endurance and improved my ability to focus on whatever was present for me. Whether it was a conversation on the phone, attending vestibular therapy, or relearning how to walk and talk at the same time.


    Because the practice proved so helpful to me, I decided to share the concept of brief meditation breaks with the only audience I could reach from home. Using the simple, happy gummy rock organic forms I created, l used Facebook to make a series of short Artistic Meditation Break videos, available for anyone to enjoy.

    My hope is the Artistic Meditation Break videos intentionally distract you from your hectic, on-the go, not-enough-time, insanely busy workday. They are meant to slow your brain down and invite you to connect to your inner peace. As you inhale and exhale as the images change to remind you to pay attention to your breath, be in moment and attempt a small smile. For if you cannot smile, once in a while, you are most certainly pushing too hard. 




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