• Raising Funds for Living Beyond Breast Cancer

    I hold firmly to the belief that art can heal.


    Therefore, it seemed appropriate that the first sketchbook entry, and the premier items in the shop, would be this illustration. Black Eyed Susans For Jean.


    This illustration took several weeks of sketching and research before being laid out and painted with archival ink. It was commissioned for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, to auction at their annual gala event, The Butterfly Ball in 2016. That year, Jean Sachs, the Chief Executive Officer at LBBC was the honoree of the gala. Jean has dedicated years of leadership to the organization, beginning in 1996. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Jean since 2003.

    That year, I was teaching Jean's son in second grade, and again two years later in fourth grade, at The Miquon School, located outside of Philadelphia. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Jean became a supportive mentor on my healing journey. I grew to appreciate, first-hand, the wide scope and supreme quality of services LBBC provides to people facing breast cancer.

    The 2016 gala commission illustrates Jean's favorite flower, the Black-Eyed Susan standing upright in several vases to commemorate her beauty and the strength she shares so generously. The one wilted flower, resting nearby, commemorates those who have succumb to the disease.



    Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides unparalleled medical information, free on their website, as well as genuine support for those facing breast cancer and their loved ones. Their services and encouragement over the last ten years have helped me become one happy, well-informed survivor and an advocate for the organization.



    On October 28th of this year, I celebrated ten years being free from breast cancer. Volunteering as spokesperson and a fundraiser for LBBC in a variety of capacities over the last decade has been a humbling honor. The other survivors and advocates I have been fortunate enough to meet through LBBC continue to serve as profoundly inspirational people in my life. For these many reasons, a percentage of sales from all shop items with this illustration will be donated directly to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. 


    Jean Sachs, holding the framed auction piece.


    If you know anyone facing this disease, please consider referring them to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for accurate and thorough medical information, as well as support from actual survivors. 


    Thank you to Jean, to the dedicated LBBC staff, volunteers and survivors.

    With gratitude, 

    Lisa Katharina

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